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CSCC Access at Columbus Metropolitan Library Branches


CSCC Access at Columbus Metropolitan Library Branches



Columbus Metropolitan Library


As part of the partnership between Columbus State and the Columbus Metropolitan Library, each CML branch location now offers a connection to the college network for any student or employee.

Access to the CSCC network from CML computers is initiated through a desktop icon labeled “Columbus State Virtual Computer Commons” that, when clicked, provides access for Columbus State students via a Virtual Desktop Infrastructure (VDI) that enables the student to work as if they are in a Columbus State computer lab.

This connection will benefit Columbus State students in that they will be able to log in through the desktop icon with their user name and password and receive all of the functionality, applications, security and management policies of the Columbus State network from any branch library in the CML system. This will be especially beneficial for students seeking access to Columbus State library resources and for distance learning students who may prefer to access their distance learning courses from a CML branch library. 

This access is provided at all CML public computers.




Author: Christopher Bunner

Create Date: 08/03/15 08:30

Modified Date: 08/03/15 08:30

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