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How do I change my Columbus State employee password?


Changing passwords is recognized as a best practice for keeping good security on an account.  Follow the steps below to change your password.


Account password maintenance.


Columbus State will never send an email asking for user name and password verification. If you receive such a message, please look at the article https://kb.cscc.edu/article/phishing-email-messages-asking-you-to-verify-your-account-and-password-35.html .

To change your password, go to http://password.cscc.edu.  Choose the item "Change My Password".  Log in with your credentials.  If you have the questions answered, you can just fill in the "New Password" and "Retype New Password" boxes.  Feel free to change any of your questions/answers and each that you change will be updated.  Click the "Update Password" box.

The current password complexity requirements are

  • Password has not been used before
  • Password is 8 or more total characters
  • It begins with a letter
  • 1 or more upper case letter
  • 1 or more lower case letter
  • 1 or more numbers
  • No special characters at this time.

Once your password is updated, you must also update your password on any wireless devices connected to CSCC's wireless network.  You must also update your password if you sync email/calendar on your mobile device.

See the following articles for updating wireless:

Wireless Setup for CSCC Secure Wireless Network for iPhone, iPad, iOS

Wireless Setup for CSCC Secure Wireless Network for Android

Wireless Setup for CSCC Secure Wireless Network for Windows 8

Wireless Setup for CSCC Secure Wireless Network for Windows 7

Wireless Setup for CSCC Secure Wireless Network for Mac OSX

See the following articles for updating your password for email/calendar sync:

Update email/calendar sync password on iPhone/iPad

Update email/calendar sync password on Android

Update email/calendar sync password on Windows




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Create Date: 14:10 June 3, 2015

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