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How to view a Proxy Account in Outlook Web (In a web browser)


How to view a Proxy Account in Outlook Web (In a web browser)


Internet Browswer

Outlook Web


Part I

Open a web browser

In address bar type: outlook.com\cscc.edu

Log in to your email account

In the top right side of the Outlook bar, click on either your picture or the grey box with an image of a person and choose Open another mailbox…

In the dialogue box, type in the name of the proxy account you want to view.

If the proxy account does not automatically populate, click on Search contact and directory, and choose the correct proxy account

 Select your account and choose Open

This will open to the Inbox of the proxy account.

Part II

In order to access other areas of the proxy account such as the Calendar or Contacts, click on the My apps button at the top left of your Outlook page.

To exit the proxy account, click on the picture of the proxy account in the top left side of the Outlook page and click Sign out

Signing out will take you back to the Outlook Web login screen.




Author: Debra Hitch

Create Date: 11:20 4/7/2015

Modified Date: 11:20 4/7/2015

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