Technology Equipment and Software Costs

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These prices are for budgetary and CE planning purposes only. Please consult with IT Asset Management (ITAM) for most current pricing, configuration and quotations. ITAM can be reached at x2035 or Also consult with your Executive Office point of contact (POC) on procurement/funding and approval processes.

 Common hardware

NOTE: IT will recommend either a desktop or a virtual desktop depending on context/need. Please check with ITAM or your support technician.

iPad Pro Accessories 


Fax machine: included with multi‐function‐printer functionality (see MFD in printer list below). Please review all printer needs with Office Services (Jonathan Lipscomb x2566). 

Please note: the college does not source as standard equipment inkjet devices. 

Pages Per Minute

Ricoh Multi Functional Equipment


21 B&W / 21



SP C252SF(scan/fax) color laser multifunction



21 B&W / 21



SP C262SFNw (scan/fax) color laser multifunction



45 B&W / 45



SP C840DN / SP C840DN / SP C840DN color multifunction



55 B&W / 55



SP C842DN / SP C842DN / SP C842DN color multifunction



Pages per Minute

Ricoh Printer Equipment



SP 325DNw B&W Laser Printer



SP 325SFNw B&W Laser Printer



SP C262DNw Color Laser Printer



SP C342DN Color Laser Printer



SP 4510DN B&W Printer


21 B&W / 21



SP C252DN color laser printer



26 B&W / 26



Ricoh SPC342 color laser printer




Common additional software 

Most of the college software agreements are version specific, so each upgrade is an additional cost.  Please plan on a software upgrade every roughly every 18 months if the software is still in use. 

Expected replacement life cycle: 

 Grants related costs 

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